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Monday, 20 November 2017

15mm to 28mm Necromunda game board

Hello again all,
Necromunda is one of my favourite games & so I have made a lot of terrain for it along the years.
After seeing Stroezie's 6mm board on Lead Adventure .de I decided to start working on a gameboard of my own which can be used for both 15 & 28mm.
The base will be made from 6" sqr 1 to 2" thick eps peices to get  a 2' sqr board, plain on one side & with canals on the reverse side.
I'm basing my smaller terrain on 6x7" 3mm mdf so the board will have endless variation both top & bottom.
You might ask why 6x7 not 6x6 , well this size accomodates my finished terrain nicely & will provide overlap & canals running under the terrain.
Apart from buildings i have also loads of walkways,bridges & scatter terrain which can easily be used.
Here are some pics of the wip.More will follow,.

Thanks for your comments.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Latest Scratchbuilds

Hello again all,
Here are my latest scratch builds ,

A Bulk Hauler from an old Lima Diesel Train + either bottle cap wheels or scratch built tracks.
A Command IFV - wood , plastic , card etc
Half round corridors from PVC pipe & card.

Thanks for your comments.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Shiban Uharu Corporation

Hello all,
So I finished the GZG Marcs & decided to paint me some Khurasan Gota Clans Infantry ( which I had for ages) , GZG Japanese Power Armour & Brigade Mercs vehicles.

The Gota clans have an oriental vibe to them , so coupled with the Brigade & GZG I decided to do a Japanese Corporation themed  force.  Still have to paint the vehicles

The Gota minis have some nice detail to them , as is usual for Khurasan ( sometimes I think it is overkill ). I tried a new speed painting system, which works & I finished them in a week or so.
Still have to base them , though. Great minis.

The Brigade Sohei Hy Tank , Shaman Med Tank & Wizard Jeeps are great minis. I don't usually buy multiples of vehicles as I prefer to build my own but if I were to have loads of tanks I would definitely choose the Shaman. Kudos to the designers. Infantry is another thing altogether, I love Infantry.

The other vehicles I would get loads of are AA's Btr260 & 290 Apc's.

I fitted 5mm x 1 magnets on both the Shaman  & the Sohei as the turrets, especially the latter one are heavy. I also had to fit a shield ( support ) under the Sohei's gun as it wouldn't stay in place even when I glued it with 5 min Epoxy glue.

I had a spare Sohei hull so I decided to build a large Apc/ Command vehicle. I like the Wizard jeeps design so I decided to build me a grav truck . Not decided whether I will fit the X panels on the side & rear or not.
Tri ply wooden base & card.

Thanks for your comments. Z