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Friday, 5 August 2022

Scratch built or converted 18mm Scifi vehicles

Hello again,
These are failed 3d prints . All are PLA. Used card, other 3d printed parts etc to make something out of them , instead of throwing them away. 

Thanks for your comments. Z

Scratchbuilt 18mm Scifi Desert Buildings

Hello again all,
Some years back, I was about to throw away a large piece of packaging EPS when I noticed that it had squarish holes which could be used to make something. I painted the inside of these holes with acrylic paint & sprayed expanding foam in them. The acrylic didn't serve as a release as intended & I had to break of the packaging but I was left with 5 squarish pieces of hard foam.

Last week I was looking at them , musing if I should throw them away ( too much stuff /ideas, too little time , as a usual)  & this idea came. Using packing carton shapes for fruit cut into roundish shapes & matchsticks I did this ( 4 to go ). Extras are 3d printed or card.

And now they are 5. In the last pic I put one used for melons on top of the 3. Quick, differently nice & effective .

Thanks for your comments. Z

Thursday, 28 July 2022

18mm Cultists

These are from Duncan Shadow .
Very nice minis & in parts so would be great for 28mm games like Silver bayonet.
I got parts from other models so as to make them more modern as the minis are equipped for fantasy ( e.g. bows ) though the knives can be used in any setting.
Again as I said before, I print 18mm as whole minis. Quite like how they came out & will do more with daggers & an Hmg, perhaps.
The metal mini is an 18mm GZG model.

Thanks for your comments.

18mm Scifi Raygun Raptors

I got these Raygun Raptors on KS last year & finally decided to do them out in 18mm.
Quite nice minis with a lot of variation and quite unique weaponry.
They come in parts & it does take quite some time to build them in 3D builder. I almost always print
whole 18mm minis. Printing parts is for 28/32mm. Too fiddly to glue.

These are the stormtroopers & the metal mini is a GZG one.

 Thanks for your comments. 

Squat Judges.

Hello again all,
I got Papsikels "Squats" on patreon & decided to do a kitbash from various parts.
A short judge dread!!! 
The metal figure is an 18mm GZG Brethren mini.

Thanks for your comments. 

Monday, 25 July 2022

GZG New Israelis 18mm Scifi

These minis which remind me of the Spartans in Halo are some of the nicest & beefiest around. They complement the light infantry perfectly ( 3rd pic from last ).  Their Golem Power armour ( last 2 pics ) are quite nice also. The separately moulded arms/weapons add variety but these types of minis are becoming too fiddly for me to superglue.😓

What can I say I love metal minis as they beat 3d printed ones hands down because they are heftier. Having said that, plastic ( i.e. polystyrene) ones are much more versatile for converting etc.

I had a stack of them & it was quite a job to finish them but perseverance pays out in the end. I printed some design compatible Banshee mechs as battle suits. These are superb & free

 Thanks for your comments. Z

18mm Gitungi Mechs - 3D Printed

Hello again all,
These are my take on Gitungi mechs.

I found an art model on sale at Daz3d and since it is very similar to a Gitungi decided to convert it to a 3mf then to stl. The crew are converted from a DutchMogul model.

Models made for art purposes ( & there are splendid ones to be found ) are usually more finely detailed than those designed for printing so I had to remove tiny parts which would prove problematic in printing & strengthen the ankles etc. It does take time but worth it in the end.

I think it fits the bill perfectly.

Thanks for your comments.