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Sunday, 6 September 2020

Scratchbuilt terrain from egg cartons, plant containers & diy silicon gaming mats

Hello again all ,
been some time since I posted.

I'm a firm believer in recycling, as most of you know by now. ( see my posts on sprue )

I strongly believe that we are the sole saviours of this planet of ours. I fear that with the easily available
home 3D printers we will produce more & more plastic. The positive thing is that we gamers usually 
tend to horde stuff & not throw it away , so please reduce, reuse , recycle.

Here are Scratchbuilt terrain from plant containers 15 to 28mm & diy silicon gaming mats

The guy who we buy plants from had these trays used for putting pots in, seedlings etc.
Obviously as soon as I saw them I thought that they'd be great for terrain. The pics are top
and bottom. As you can see the shapes are excellent for buildings etc.

These are my thoughts.
1) Fill them with plaster & cast but these would be too heavy.
2) Fill them with expanding foam but I have to make a contraform otherwise the
foam will force them out of shape. The pieces can be cut into individual parts.
great for variety. There are corridor like shapes also.
3) The square shapes can have card roofs glued to them , then cut into individual parts & fitted into each other for superb storage. I may glue magnets on the inside so that walls , door, vents etc can be easily removed and will add to endless variation.

The diy silicon gaming mats is not my idea but by a great Australian guy. It's a great idea not to share.

on this link.

and here are some 15/18mm buildings using plastic egg cartons. I found out that this stuff is actually very thin polystyrene, i.e. the same stuff used for plastic kits and so can be glued with the normal glue.
It is thin and very brittle but can yield great results. It can also be easily melted to make goo... as explained in another post ... I think I will be filling them with a little expanding foam to make them sturdier then fix them to a card base.

Thanks for your comments. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Scratchbuilt Sprue scifi firearms - 15 mm upwards

Hello again all,
Here;s a short tutorial on how to build hand weapons using just sprue.
Simple build.
My tools are fine point clipper, a tile snipping pliers for plain flattening & a flat tip long nose pliers for texture flattening.
Chopping tools are made from ground and sharpened broken off blades ( have to be short for robustness & very sharp for clean cuts ). Needless to say sharp means dangerous , so do be careful with blades.

( having said that , even blunt crochet needless are said to be deadly in the hands of very upset grannies 😉😊)

Thin flat, triangular, square & round files ( I put a piece of plastic on my round file as it has a nasty point which can poke an eye if one is not careful)

1) All sprue is equal but some are more equal than others. This means choose the sprue bits you like.

2) Chop off sprue slightly longer than needed. Clean off sprue with flat file to have a decent flat surface. Cut sprue end at a chamfer ( blade bevel has to touch sprue so that blade slides at an angle as it cuts. Putting the flat side will result in a straighter cut )

3) Flatten end either cold or hot ( hot means it is very painful if molten plastic sticks to your finger !! ) after heating on tea candle ( the 2 on the right are cold flattened the rest hot ) Notice cold flattening crushes the plastic whilst hot takes the pliers indentations better. Mind your fingers when pressing as it is very easy to crimp them in the pliers.

Drill exit hole now as later might be difficult to do.

4) Using files , file away shapes to create butts , hand grips etc until you are satisfied with general shape.

5) Prepare small pieces of sprue, pulled heated sprue etc ( for garnishing :):):) )

6) Start to glue the pieces to your hearts content.This lot took around 45 mins or less to make.
They're scaled for 15/18mm like the ones I used for McGraw.

and these are using different sprue , more filing was needed especially on the handle.

And so as promised here are Heavy Weapons

I had no plan for this I was just cutting & shaping sprue and then gluing .. and see where that will take me.Again sprues are chosen & cut to an appropriate size. So I decide for a twin over & under flak kannon. Holes are to be drilled before hand.

I then continue to choose bits of sprue to bulk up build.

More bits are cut & shaped using the tools shown.

Here is what happens when you use the wrong tool, I tried to form cold sprue which is basically a hard material & I grabbed in distraction a thin long nose. One of the points broke & flew... luckily not hitting me in the face. Pity I had that tool for ages, now I will have to find a replacement. It pays to be careful & not get distracted.
Another thing when you press grab it with both hands, this alleviates the pressure on your wrist. I had carpal tunnel syndrome lots of times ( basically severe hand nerve tingling ) due to over pressing with hand... who said scratchbuilding wasn't dangerous !!!??? 

The build continues until I had this.

And here is a selection of hmg's mortar, rocket launchers etc.... all using sprue.

The small tan one is a GW Epic squat thudd gun.

Thanks for your comments.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

The McGraw Gang... 15/28mm scifi aliens

Hello again all,
I decided to make a press mould of the first one and made 4 more.
Now I have a small gang, perhaps I'll do more.

Intelligent upright lizard like creatures , official name " Lacerta tres oculii Intelligensis Erettus " ,
they're called "3's" by humans due to their 3 eyes sometimes even crocs due to their mouth.

They make great scouts or guards as it takes a lot to surprise them. They also make excellent
close combat troops as they can bite a limb or head clean off with their large mouths like

These minis are good for 15 to 28mm. The larger one is a mini I made for a fantasy campaign
I Dm'd years back and now going to be used as extra muscle.

I used Milliput + sylmasta AB putty ,brown stuff and sprue. I used the blue stuff from Green stuff world to create the copies.I find this versatile reusable material very useful.

Sometimes one makes models that one is very satisfied with & I like these very much.
The overall shape isn't too complicated, so it can be easily replicated.

3's being short & stocky are somewhat slow & ungainly mostly due to their short thick legs and muscular tail, which they use for balance. They can be very fast with their bite , however & have been known to snap food prey from the air. 
They're omnivorous , some have coined them as gluttons and prefer cool , watery habitats like jungles , forests ,woods & water bound islands.
They're can be adaptable & can be found even on starships and cities, though they tend to keep this to a minimum. Having said this, they avoid deserts & the like , like the black plague.
They can tolerate terran like seawater but prefer fresh water . They absolutely love terran salted fish which they trade for at every opportunity with humans.

I made another 5... see below pics.

Here is the start of the 3rd lot. These are the press mould made out of 2 different types of rubber.
As you can see only the top part was moulded so you have repeatability and still have individual minis.

 Weapons & other stuff is superglued in place & hands sculpted on them. I use Milliput for bulk & brown stuff for detail , which I prefer to Green stuff.

Here they are ... another 5... so I have 16 in all

Thanks for your comments.