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Sunday, 6 November 2022

3D printed 18mm Starcraft Marines

I found these on thingyverse, I think.
Very nice , chonky &  free models.

I modded some of them to have a squad of 10. Not all of them printed perfectly ( the revolvers, which is a pity ) but they are passable . 

Thanks for your comments. 

Puppetwars 3D printed 18mm Power Armour

Hello again all,
These are 3D printed 18mm Power Armou from Puppetwars 
Very nice chonky models.

I love Puppetwars as their stuff both in resin & digital is very detailed. 

Thanks for your comments. 

Thursday, 20 October 2022

KMFP Chonky 18mm Scouts & Papsikels Droids

These are KMFP Chonky 18mm Scouts & Papsikels Droids.

I gave the scouts different heads. I am starting to like chonky minis as they are not fragile as true 15/18.
The camo painted ones are special forces.
The papsikels droids are great minis but as usual I had to shore up delicate parts like ankles etc to make them print better / sturdier.. 
I added mag locked magazines to their backs & built the hmg.

Here are the smaller versions, came out quite nice also. I modded most of them to have different poses in 3D Builder.

Thank for your comments.


Brethren of The New Light 18mm GZG Scifi

These are the Brethren of The New Light from GZG.
Lovely minis. I quite like the LMG with the bren gun type mag.
I would say they can be used for Sci-Fi, Alternate WW2 , Hammer Slammers& Star Wars rebels.

Thanks for your comments. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

How to do realistic random damage to your terrain &/or models

Hello again all,
How to do realistic random damage to your terrain &/or models
This is just a joke & I couldn't not share but the look on that dog's face is priceless.( wicked some might say 😁😁😁 )

But just imagine the amount of realistic damage he can do to your terrain/models ? 😉

Thanks for your comments. Z

Saturday, 3 September 2022

Scratchbuilt 18mm Scifi Desert Buildings Painted up.

And here they are all painted up.
I used a dark blue green wash first, then lots of dry brushing with a buff colour, then washes with different shades of browns, greens & yellows.
I also used food colouring in the mix as it is not water proof when dry & so acts like poster colour or gouache.

I think they came out nice.

Thanks for your comments.