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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Frontier World Lawmen

Hello again all,
Finally painted my 15mm GZG Lawmen ( Armed civilians see links below). Great minis , full of character. I did some head swaps & Milliput hats to add variety. The Matchbox toy cars were a perfect choice & a steal at 2.75€ each. They were perfect painted as they were but I decided to add brown & black washes, matt varnish to windows & damage.

Don't ask me where or when I got that Aardvark mini but I had him for ages & now he seemed like the perfect choice for an alien villain.

I have now added pics of a 15mm mini I made "Ebanezer the Undertaker " to continue the Frontier town setting.

I added 2 new pics .... Gzg are 18mm & Dkstr are true 15mm.
The Dkstr females have lovely faces which considering their size shows the skill of the sculptor.

I used a thicker base so as to use them as frontier juveniles
with the GZG armed civilians shown.

They look good together.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Friday, 5 May 2017

SKOV KosmoFlot

3754AD - The KF- 374, The Tzarina Katrina Romanov , mighty starship of the Skov Kosmoflot, translated from hyperspace & continued on reactor drive to the Antonov System.  As soon as a high orbit position on the 5th planet , designated Epsilon 37 delta ( named Tunguska Major ) was attained , portholes the size of hangar door slid open, in the dark blue bottom side of the ship .

Some 60 secs later amid the sound of warning klaxons & strobing blue lights , drop pods started to eject to the planet below. So started the colonisation of this world , the only habitable one in this system.

Here are AA Skov's , bikes ( not all are out yet but soon will be ) & Btr's. Matchbox humvies. Rebel minis wheeled gun drones & Matv Apache. A solid week of frantic painting. Load more skov infantry to paint left.
Thanks for you comments. Z

Sunday, 23 April 2017

More Terrain + Matchbox Vehicles.

To continue with my terrain pics here is some stuff that I've just finished.

Signs are sprue + card. Pics from magazines  or freehand.
Shroom Wood are mostly natural stuff on a hard foam base. Shrooms are milliput ( they had been sitting around for years , waiting for a suitable base. Can be used for Fantasy & Scifi . Can be used for multiple scales.

I thought I'd share pics of 2 great Matchbox vehicles I found. Can't beat the style or the price. Unfortunately I only found 1 of each

I have added the fake Chinese alphabet I used, for those who want to write faux Chinese billboards without the risk of writing silly ( to say the least ) things.


Thanks for your comments. Z