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Sunday, 5 May 2019

New Vistula Legion ( NVL)

Hello again all,
Been some time since I posted.
Here is my latest army.
The infantry are NVL  from O8 ( Assault Publishing )
The vehicles are  Scratchbuilt. see here also

The mecha are EM4 plastic ones ( which I used in previous builds ) with Warlord plastic Ghar heads.

The drones are vintage 1991 heavy jetpacks by a now defunct company.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Dyi Killteam board

Hello again all,
If you want a board for less than 5€ , here is what you should do.

I took photos of my Necromunda/ Wh40k flat terrain, cut & pasted them into a larger than 22" x 30" pdf .
I found a very good app called " PosteRazor", which divides a large pic into A4's according to what you want the final size to be .
Then printed them at the local printer on a laser jet ( photographic quality) , well worth the 30 cents I am charged for each A4 & stuck them on to a large piece of card.

Then I gave it a coat of white glue for protection.
The hexagonal buildings are turkish delight boxes covered with the same print as the board & they fit neatly into each other for saving space.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Converted old gw skaven to beastmen

Hello again all,
Been some time since my last post.
Here are wip pics of some conversions I did.

I had bought a lot of these old skaven for my son , which unfortunately he didn't like as they are the same pose ( sigh that's what a ton of choice does to you, i would have gobbled them up if  someone gave them to me when I was a boy !!!)

I had a lot of beastmen heads & arms spare , & since beastmen are known for their prolific  nature ( some would say horny, pun intended 😃) , skaven beastmen hybrids are a possibility.

Very simple conversion. Remove the head , tail ( though this could be left on) & arms. Imho they came quite good . So what if they're short, variation is good.
I will end up with around 30 of them. A good sized unit for little investment.

Here are comparison pics.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Brigade minis Cronus mech

Brigade models have a sale going at the moment & i decided to get a cronus mech for 15mm .
Worth every cent. Lovely ( & heavy) model.
An excellent addition to any collection.
Can be used for 28mm also and a great Robotech Mac2 monster proxy.

Thanks for your comments.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Nuclear Shrimp 15mm Vehicles Sample Preview.

Hello again all,
Here are 3 Nuclear Shrimp 15mm Vehicles Sample Preview which they kindly sent me to check out.

Beefy is the first thing that comes to mind. Excellent size for 15/18mm.

The IFV & APC are supplied in 2 hollow halves length wise ( sorry forgot to take pics ) & with a bit of work it will be relatively easy to saw the side & rear doors to show the interior. They have a potential for conversions also ( eg. extending them into 6 wheelers )

Very straight forward build ( after I took a look at the pics on their site, as the IFV's side bumpers? require some thought to build ( I would prefer leaving them off as it would be a pity to cover the wheels , I think the bumpers would make great mecha legs for conversions). I glued them as one thing so as to fit the with a magnet on the bottom.

The tank is a solid affair . I like the plasma cannon most . Supplied with loads of stuff thanks to the Kickstarter . Loads of Bags etc to model to your preference , 2 kinds of sponsons ( not sure if I would use them & I would suggest pinning to the tank sides as they may be prone to breaking off , being resin OR better still fit with magnets to have more options ). The commander & his hmg as a nice addition & there is also a cupola mounted rail gun.

Some part are small & fiddly or thin ( due to the scale ) & will require patience to fit ( again pinning will help )

I like the amount of detail ( eg, on the tracks & wheels)  even in hidden parts ( which for me is an overkill but some will like it for sure )

I took size comparison pics so you can see their size.

Flash is minimal. Can't wait to get what I ordered.
Still stuck on what scheme I will be painting them.

Thanks for your comments.
Ex Critical Mass now Ral Partha  protolene, Darkest Star, Micropanzer, Ion Age, O8, GZG, Brigade, Khurasan.

Ex Critical Mass now Ral Partha  protolene, Darkest Star, Micropanzer, Ion Age, O8, GZG, Brigade, Khurasan.

Friday, 22 June 2018

15mm Nuclear Shrimp Hulk Suit

Those great guys at Nuclear shrimp sent me some 15mm samples to check out.

I decided to built the hulk suit first.

Straight forward build, though some skill is required.The fit is good but I would recommend pinning.
Pinning is always recommended as it aids in helping to glue the parts + being sturdier.( I use 1mm stainless steel rods to pin ). Just minor flash & some minute bubbles found & both are easily fixed.

I decided to convert the pose and do a mini diorama. Terrain is made of plastic sprue & usb cable wire. I imagined an mobile suit ) infantry support patrol in a urban setting ( ala  Titanfall ) . Suit is manouvering down a slope of girders & concrete.

All the joints were cut & separated , then pinned to allow maximum flexibility ( I even drilled & pinned the elbow & wrist ) You need a lot of skill & patience to separate the knees as you can easily damage the parts. I like the resin they have used as it is easily shaped.

Flat cable was used for detail. Damaged milliput extra armour , GS baggage & paper straps.
Though more eye candy , I did not put hydraulic cables on the outside as I always felt that they would be too fragile in a firefight.

I added aerials & may add an anti personnel m/c gun. I will glue the hatch semi open to reveal the windscreen underneath.

The model reminds me of a Mechwarrior Bushwacker & I would use it as a Primaris Space Marine Dreadnaught also. Can't wait to see the heavier version.

I put size comparisons here now  See my other posts for more pics.
See last pics  .

Thanks for your comments.

GW 28mm Metal Stormtroopers

ION AGe 15mm Strider

HAsslefree Grymm & Heresy Trooper

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