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Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Original SpaceMarines

Hello again all,
was going through my old stuff & found this and couldn't not share , the original Space Marines from 1980.
I think I had got them around the time I had got the whole Laserburn books set.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

More Scatchbuilt stuff

Hello again all,
Some more scatchbuilt stuff.
Finished painting the lifters.
Super Centurion turret is made out of white PVC as used for signs.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Frontier World Lawmen

Hello again all,
Finally painted my 15mm GZG Lawmen ( Armed civilians see links below). Great minis , full of character. I did some head swaps & Milliput hats to add variety. The Matchbox toy cars were a perfect choice & a steal at 2.75€ each. They were perfect painted as they were but I decided to add brown & black washes, matt varnish to windows & damage.

Don't ask me where or when I got that Aardvark mini but I had him for ages & now he seemed like the perfect choice for an alien villain.

I have now added pics of a 15mm mini I made "Ebanezer the Undertaker " to continue the Frontier town setting.

I added 2 new pics .... Gzg are 18mm & Dkstr are true 15mm.
The Dkstr females have lovely faces which considering their size shows the skill of the sculptor.

I used a thicker base so as to use them as frontier juveniles
with the GZG armed civilians shown.

They look good together.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Friday, 5 May 2017

SKOV KosmoFlot

3754AD - The KF- 374, The Tzarina Katrina Romanov , mighty starship of the Skov Kosmoflot, translated from hyperspace & continued on reactor drive to the Antonov System.  As soon as a high orbit position on the 5th planet , designated Epsilon 37 delta ( named Tunguska Major ) was attained , portholes the size of hangar door slid open, in the dark blue bottom side of the ship .

Some 60 secs later amid the sound of warning klaxons & strobing blue lights , drop pods started to eject to the planet below. So started the colonisation of this world , the only habitable one in this system.

Here are AA Skov's , bikes ( not all are out yet but soon will be ) & Btr's. Matchbox humvies. Rebel minis wheeled gun drones & Matv Apache. A solid week of frantic painting. Loads more skov infantry to paint left.

Medium Mechas from Anvil Industry -Unity Council C-48 Warden Autonomous Mech

Love these mecha ( excellent detail with none existent flash ) & Anvil Industry are great guys to buy from.

AA snipers added also

Thanks for you comments. Z