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Wednesday 16 April 2014

I want to fly Vtol's

There are quite a few great Vtol's on the market which I'll get someday .....when I'll have available funds. So I decided to scratch build a couple of Vtols.One Jet  & the other rotor powered.

Here they are - NSL Albatross & The Legion's Judgement's Hammer (  Ion Age Retained Knights ). Both are modeled from Plastic, PVC ,PC connectors & loads of bits & pieces.
Clear Silicone sealer was used to fix & strengthen the inside of the hull .Windows are card stuck with double sided tape.

Plastic sprue feet

Rotors are from a kids toy. One of those wind & let fly ones.

Rotors can swivel in place

4 Paper rear stabilising rotors

Pvc wings

Hinged & magnetised door, card benches & doors to inner seating space & cockpit.Hinge & corrugated floor made with flat cable

Red plastic head Needle warning light affixed  to inside of inner roof.

Here you can see inner build

Plasticote Grey sandable primer undercoat.One of the best matt canned sprayed paints around

The Plastic moulding injection dimple on the front really came out well when painted

This is the culprit that started it all.As I always say, keep your eyes for interesting shapes.Why re invent the wheel when there are so much goodness around ? Oh & do be sure that the nozzle is busted before commandeering it for the war effort. The Quarter Master (aka The  missus ) won't like it if you take one of her still working spray nozzles.

This is one of the nicest designs around, some might even say sexy :):):)

Scratch built jet engines

Nozzles came from jogging shoe inserts. I filled the nozzle with plaster of paris first , the carved it round then stuck card door etc. The model cam heavy so I drilled it with a wood drill bit  & then  filled it with silicon sealer & Pink foam

Stand came from a plastic cup .

Black under coat

Snow grey white camo & homemade decals.The rear door has flat cable hinges & a magnet to close it shut.I tried to model pistons but they were too complicated so I abandoned the idea.

Rotors can swivel

4 small stabilising rotors

Some of you might remember my hex camo for The Legion.Old Crow Tank with plastic toy barrel & Ion Age Retaining Knights.The Mecha on the rear are from Black Tree Design 28mm sci fi range.

So to keep with the general theme I did Grey Hex camo with a stretched net. I did homemade decals.
General shape resemble Retaining Knights helmets.This VTOL is called " Judgements Hammer" as it delivers justice to all Aliens. In my universe The Legion are all out against ALL aliens ( somewhat like 2000AD's Torquemada - Be Pure be Vigilant be Have :):):) - Purge all aliens )

Enjoy & may you be inspired



  1. Duster? Because it churns the dust like a helicopter ? well I would suppose so...

  2. Love VTOLs, they are my 2nd favourite type of aircraft (airships being the 1st of course!). I like Albastross, its has something of the Westland Wessex about it (certainly one of my favourite heli's) Well done Ang, I must have a go as soon as I cna get a bits box built up

  3. What are the rotors made from?

  4. Amazing, its cool to see the process. Thank you! Vtols ARE so damn expensive, I agree!

    1. Thanks for the comment Strike Leader,
      let's face it every gamer would like to get every mini that he lays his eyes on & likes, scratchbuilding helps sooth the itch a little bit :):):)... and building something from scrap is doubly satisfying... Glad you like the minis, I would be pleased if you can do your own & show it

  5. I really like that rotor craft. Well done.

  6. Thanks Cyclopeus,
    glad you like it.