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Saturday 6 September 2014

15mm Scifi Armies Army - Pax Brittanica

Hello again all,

Here is the start of my Pax Brittanica Space Expeditionary Force.
Italaeri 1/72 Merkava, Rebel Minis Merkas & Antenocities M577 HQ Troop and last but not least Armies Army commonwealth troops.
I'll be adding Mechs next .
I decided to try out a variation of one of the camos in my other post - Grey base/ Vallejo Stone /  Gw Graveyard Earth / Gw Catachan green & black I used one of those new GW shades - Atonian camoshade I think it's called plus also the ever present WN peat brown.
All decals are home made on a clear sheet & printed on a Laser printer ,except for the aerial recognition red/white/red flag.The up pointing arrow is a variation of the present day side pointing one used today.
  1. For those that might be interested to do this camo - Grey spray undercoat
  2. Liquid mask was applied in squiggly shapes & Vallejo stone was airbrushed.
  3. Squigglies in green & brown & black were done
  4. Green wash & peat brown applied to all nooks & crannies only .
  5. Washed wheels & tracks with watered down bleached bone & then lightly drybrushed with black
  6. Decals applied., names hand drawn except for junior.
  7. Light drybrush with bleached bone.
  8. Chips & scuff marks done with sponge + 00 brush & touched with Stone + white.
  9. Applied Matt spray varnish ...
One of the dilemmas I have is whether to apply brightly coloured insignia to camouflaged vehicles.In my opinion it beats the purpose .I remember reading once that when the Germans invaded Poland at the start of the war ,they used all white crosses as identification on their tanks.Polish anti tank gunners used them to aim at with good effect.This forced the Germans to put a smaller black cross inside the white one to make it less visible,i.e.The Balkenkrueze we are so familiar with. On the other hand, with the amount of electronics etc the future will have , what's the use of camo if not for eye candy !!!!
And as usual may you be inspired.
Pax Brittanica Universalis et Vivat regina

Slightly converted plastic kit - Antenocities mg's, smoke launcher, rear pointing point defense .Milliput crewman on hightened hatch ring

"Junior" aptly named super heavy tank, decal from a Heller kit

Pc connector aerials, cloth rolls, thread rope & wire tow rope

Smoke launcher made from plastic  inner insulation of a coaxial aerial cable cut at an angle

RM Merkas, I read somewhere that  JBR's going to redesign this

Size comparision

I drilled the command vehicle hatch with an 8 or 10mm twist drill  to insert an  AA's HQ officer.Perfect fit, I added the mustache to get that British officer look and he really looks the part.

"Jane & Roger"

Tea's that way

Changed the cannon to a nicer Old Crow's one.


One of the nicest wheel threads around

First batch of Brit Grunts.Great minis to paint I added paper barrel to LMG .The HMG is one of the best looking SAW's around.Nice poses also.

Paints are exactly the same I used for the vehicles

Red shoulder bits added on officer same as crewman.

Size comparison.This 1/72nd Merkava fits in perfectly.

Size comparison


  1. Love them!

    All of them!

    I really need to do some Brit armor...

    I've a light recon ready for print, however need some heavies !

  2. The merkava really is a cool tank

    1. Indeed it is Keith.
      The one I used is the Mk1 . What I like about it is the ability to carry a squad of grunts for support.

  3. Oh & thanks all for the comments.

  4. Very nice indeed! I thimk I found the heavy tank I need for my GZG NI force.

    1. Thanks ssetjed,
      Glad you like them & that they inspired you. Try to find a bargain one on ebay, that's where I got mine.


  5. No kidding! The price of kits has skyrocketed to the resin and metal kits.

  6. absolutely fantastic ... inspiring work - thanks you for sharing !!

  7. Thanks cmnash,
    With comments like yours I would share even more :):):). Glad you liked it enough to find it inspiring.