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Monday, 1 September 2014

Gzg NSL Feuer Kompanie finished

Hello again all,
Finally finished my new Gzg Nsl, been meaning to paint the hover bikes for ages, these are great vehicles with a lot of character. I did the heavy weapons also plus the command.
Continuing on the photography issue this is what I use.Black cardboard to have contrast , white shield to fir on camera lens ( has the benefit of reflecting light to the front & to subdue the effect of flash if used.) The opaque plastic is used on top to mute overhead light.

NSL  Schwadron 300 , might get more of this & do an Apocalypse now scenario ... now that would be a great one to play ... obviously Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie would be most appropriate. I might also make a heavier version .....

Nsl Rams or mortars & scratchbuilt heavier ones

Nsl AutoKanone & Hq

Nsl power armour from Trench 2114 , great minis also

The whole lot minus the PanzerMenshen