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Monday 1 September 2014

Gzg NSL Feuer Kompanie finished

Hello again all,
Finally finished my new Gzg Nsl, been meaning to paint the hover bikes for ages, these are great vehicles with a lot of character. I did the heavy weapons also plus the command.
Continuing on the photography issue this is what I use.Black cardboard to have contrast , white shield to fir on camera lens ( has the benefit of reflecting light to the front & to subdue the effect of flash if used.) The opaque plastic is used on top to mute overhead light.

NSL  Schwadron 300 , might get more of this & do an Apocalypse now scenario ... now that would be a great one to play ... obviously Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie would be most appropriate. I might also make a heavier version .....

Nsl Rams or mortars & scratchbuilt heavier ones

Nsl AutoKanone & Hq

Nsl power armour from Trench 2114 , great minis also

The whole lot minus the PanzerMenshen


  1. Very cool looking force, the hover bikes are great, what's the blue on the one troopers shoulder armour? Rank markings?

  2. Thanks Dan,the Hover bikes ( or Fan bikes as Gzg call them ) are really great minis, get some if you haven't done so already. yes the Blue are Officers & the Red chevrons are nco's. Makes it easy for me to recognise them also :) . You might have noticed that I used the kneeling figs in the officer's packs to make 2 heavy Rams teams.