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Monday 8 September 2014

15mm Scifi Armies Army - Pax Brittania Part 2

Hello again all,
Monday was Bank holiday here so decided to do as much painting as possible .
More Armies Army Brits ( Commonwealth ) & Heavy, Medium & Small Mechs from DP9.
The Heavy mech is the focus point of the Army so I spent more time on it, even added flowers :):):)

Enjoy & Hope you are Inspired et Vivat Regina
The one on the left is one of my favourite 15mm minis.Look at the facial expression ,he truly is a Grunt.

Modified rifle barrel & camo paint job.

These would be great as autocannon for IG proxies.


  1. Very cool, I really like this force.

    1. Thanks Dan, glad you like it.
      AA's Commonwealth minis are really great to paint . That's how I usually work, first I choose the Gruntz then the rest just sort of fall in place.I think it's turning out to be a great force though it does have some serious competition from my NSL one.The NSl just need AFV's.
      Still working on the Rusk/Sov one, in fact I would love to see what you are doing on your Sov one.