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Sunday 14 September 2014

15mm Armies Army, GZG , Micropanzer - Rusk Army

Hello again all,
Decided to take a break from painting brits & continue with the Rusk.
Armies Army Rusk & Penal legion ( 2 converted to Saw's), Rebel minis Ursas ( Heavy Mecha) & Gzg 6mm Mecha ( Scout Mecha)  plus a T 34 Command vechile conversion Matchbox 1/76th kit.

2 of the Ursas have had modifications to their left or right leg so as to have 3 different leg poses.All one has to do is saw 3/4ths of the way through the foot & bend to have a walking pose.

All photos taken with a Fuji AX600 compact in daylight.

Have to say that I've enjoyed painting more AA penal legion, quite fast to paint & the result is very nice,I love them wish more poses would come out as they are near to impossible to bend without breaking's how I painted them.
1) Plasticote sandable Grey spray undercoat. ( this is the best undercoat I found ,better than white)
2) Black weapons & shoes
3) GW Leprous brown overall.
4) W&N peat brown wash all over.
5) Dry brush lightly with Gw Bleached bone.
6) Highlight weapons & boots with 2 shades of grey.
7) Drybrush skin with Flesh.
8) Highlight flesh + white or bleached bone ( nose,cheeks & forehead)
9) Mix very small dot of medium blue with flesh & paint shaved forehead, can be used for shaven face also especially on 28mm.

The terrain mix is different to the one I used on the Brits - Dry green & brown vine leaves,brown sand, green flock & small twigs.

Hope you find this useful .Enjoy
Drill right through this into the filed flat peg.Then press steel pin into mating holes

These 6mm Gzg mecha have almost the same type of hood.


  1. Splendid! Looks like you raided the spice rack for the ground cover. What size are the bases on the Ursas?

  2. Glad you like them,
    Dried vine leaves when crushed & sieved have the consistency of oregano :):):) but have the benefit of having much more colour hues. Bases are 40mm.
    As a norm I use 50mm for large mecha,40 for heavy,30 for medium,25 for small & a 1 euro coin for scout.