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Monday 22 September 2014

Rusks & Kazaks

Hello again all,
Here are my newest updates - my mix of Rusks & Kazaks ( Cossacks ).
This is a 1/72 Revell T80 & a converted Matchbox 1/76th T34. I decided to add a black star instead of the normal red one & changed all the red ones I did into black ones.
Converted commander's turret , added milliput crewmen & 3 one shot missiles.Fuel tanks were modified to make them stronger as they are flimsy in the original kit & will easily break off if handled roughly.

Here are the pics before weathering.
Plasticote grey primer , then plasticote terracotta primer , peat brown washes & light W&n  brown drybrush.

Now all I have to do is find suitable 15mm cavalry to convert into Cossacks.

I built this in the early 80's from a hand soap plastic cap & playmobil parts.

Decided to refurbish it & called it Sputnik


  1. I really like the T-80. I like the colour, I like the black star. Nice work!

    1. Thanks,Glad you like it Barks,
      The black Star really makes a difference from the usual Red one. i decided to make my force a kazak ( Cossack) one.A highly mobile force. Sov but not quite.