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Wednesday 24 September 2014

15mm Mixed Makers - Here be Robots

Hello again all,
here are comparison pics of 6 & 15mm robots & walkers which can be used in 15mm.
I'll use the newer sculpt GSG robot as the base figure.

The oldest one I have is the 15mm co uk cyborg, I bought it way back in 1986, if I'm not mistaken along with the Laserburn game books.
2 GW Epic Sentinel ( the first one is converted as I had lost the top part) ,15 mm GZG Robot, GW Epic newer style DN & 2 GW Epic older style DN's

2 GZG 6mm Dirtside Robots, 15 mm GZG Robot ,2 GZG 6mm Dirtside Robot

2 GW IG Epic Robots,15 mm GZG Robot, 2 GW IG Epic Robots

GW Epic Eldar DN, GZG 15mm  Robot, 2 GW IG Epic Robots

Khurasan Robots & GZG 15mm  Robot

15mm co uk  Robot ( The day the world stood still typre ) , GZG 15mm  Robot & 15mm co uk  Cyborg

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