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Saturday 29 March 2014

NSL Feuer Truppe Zeta

Here are my NSL Feuer Truppe,

Painted in Vallejo Aircolour sand base & Humbrol white + Windsor & newton peat brown ink.
First white undercoat, then sand airbrush ,then white dry brush , then peat brown ink wash ,then white.
Then blending with white + ivory & touching up with brown wash.

Flesh in 3 tones on white base.
Black + Grey weapons ,goggles , belt + backpack in 3 shades of grey over black base.
Based on 2 euro coins,Pva + granulated dried plaster of Paris which first painted in grey watercolour wash.Granulating will give you various shades of grey , perfect for urban .Snow was bought from Antenocities & mixed with Pva.

The ruined buildings are handmade, using engraved sandstone which was first cut to the desired thickness.High walls made out of black jablo & attacked with solvent & soldering iron.Then simply drybrushed with varying shades of grey + white.Black airbrushed into shell holes.
Finally finished 70+ NSL Grunts

3 more NSL conversions.I think the best one that came out is the LMG one.The legs & feet snap off very easily & I ended up with 2 broken off legs & feet.The one on the right ended up with a slightly bent leg as I couldn't drill it properly.Still some more work left on them. I enjoy doing conversions as it adds variety.

I made up the HMG team using the 2 prone figures, I lengthened the hmg barrel to make it look heavier
The standing missile launcher upper torso was swapped the the one from the kneeling one,so as to have 4 different ones.

Drone controller converted from NCO mini ( head made with white milliput, his l/h hand is from the female on the right) I hollowed his helmet & stuck it to his belt.The Female ( now an NCO ) got the pointing arm.I'm used to converting 28/30mm minis but converting 15mm especially pinning is a different thing altogether. Making a head in 15mm out of putty is definitely not easy and my respect for self made sculptors like Armies Army & PF went up by 100%

Drone made from a GW TAu helmet ,plastic sprue & PVC ( for pvc sculpting see my other post)


Thanks for viewing


  1. Love this unit, the red looks excellent on the white, great conversions, love the head you have sculpted, and the drone is brilliant, well done.

  2. Thanks Dan,glad you like them.

  3. Great looking bunch of figures Ang, nice painting! Baes are really cool and you did a great job of photographing them, like the lighting.

    (oh just a note, 'jablo'.......outside of Malta I doubt if many people will know what you are talking about, much better to us 'expanded polystyrene'

  4. More goodness, quite a force.