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Friday 7 February 2014

15 - Grey Warhost

The Grey Warhost - We are not Alone - Death to all Humans ....

Mostly 15 minis. I like these minis, they have a certain comically serious look to them & are not too small not to paint. The detail is good with little clean up , perhaps there greatest flaw is the rather thick base they have but this is not really a problem.
 I also did Khurasan's squad, like these also, the detail is very good , amazing what can be done on such a smale scale . Unfortunately my poor eyes , especially when trying to paint their eyes got the worse of the deal ......

All the vehicles are scratchbuilt -  the project was inspired when I found what was left of Lego Robot bits & pieces from when my son was younger ( & the dog hadn't chewed  :).

- Assault Mech - Top Body was made using a medicine measuring cup, Vertical Centre piece an Electrical Grommet, legs lego bits & pieces, plastic sprue weapons, paper pistons etc.
- Command TriMech - Guinness Stout in a Can shaking ball , legs lego bits & pieces, plastic sprue weapons & arms.
- Medium TriMech - Top is a copper fitting, legs lego bits & pieces, plastic sprue weapons & arms.

Still have to paint Khurasan Flying Saucer & Robots from various makers.
Would really like to get the 2 Rebel Minis walkers someday, especially the smaller one.

The crisscross pattern was achieved by first undercoating in white, then sand base & finally spraying brown Plasticote sandable primer over stretched bandage gauze. This created a nice 3D effect as the paint is thick not like an airbrush's. The idea is to represent solar panels or ablative armour or just a simple texture.
I admit they came out a bit rough & ready but the overall effect looks good which is enough.

Hope you find this useful.
Assault Mech

Flying Saucer ( obviously )

Galaxy Hilton Suburbs overrun by the Grey Warhost
Size Comparison

We have been telling you for ages, are you convinced now ? The Commander with the high collared cloak & mike looks like an Elvis impersonator.:)

Command mech with death laser,blare horn & electro magnetic clamps.




Medium TriMech

Science Division


  1. like these, especially the walkers!

  2. Man, this is nice modeling.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this. Excellent. I have blogged about this post on the blog here:


  4. Woo Hoo !!!! Thanks Gavin much appeciated.
    Angelo aka Z