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Thursday, 1 May 2014

NSL PzMschn - Panzer Menschen / UA - UberArmour

Here are the mecha I will be using for my NSL.
Uber Armour ( Power Armour ) - Trench 2114 Panzer Troopers Heavy infantry
Light Mecha - Old GW Epic Knight
Heavy Mecha -  Old Target games Bauhaus Warzone Walkers X 3 & one of their "newer" sergeants.

All have Pickelhaube helmet so they are perfect.

I started to experiment with paper decals , much easier to apply then traditional decals. Since they're thicker ,they look like car registration plates / Number plates.

Perfect if you want to add the Saw option in gruntz

A GW Epic Knight which I had converted for Battletech , I have stripped it down now, pity as I had really liked the camo.Still , it had to be done.

Excellent Pickelhaube ( I think this was made by Jes Goodwin), most probably i'll use it for my commander .

Unfortunately the set only contained 2 helmets & 1 forage cap head so I had to add this skull,

I can use him as a Commander also - Baron Von Hinkelstein

Just base coat & peat brown wash

This is the sergeant model which came out later , I call it Mk2 as it has a missile launcher on the top.