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Thursday 1 May 2014

NSL PzMschn - Panzer Menschen / UA - UberArmour

Here are the mecha I will be using for my NSL.
Uber Armour ( Power Armour ) - Trench 2114 Panzer Troopers Heavy infantry
Light Mecha - Old GW Epic Knight
Heavy Mecha -  Old Target games Bauhaus Warzone Walkers X 3 & one of their "newer" sergeants.

All have Pickelhaube helmet so they are perfect.

I started to experiment with paper decals , much easier to apply then traditional decals. Since they're thicker ,they look like car registration plates / Number plates.

Perfect if you want to add the Saw option in gruntz

A GW Epic Knight which I had converted for Battletech , I have stripped it down now, pity as I had really liked the camo.Still , it had to be done.

Excellent Pickelhaube ( I think this was made by Jes Goodwin), most probably i'll use it for my commander .

Unfortunately the set only contained 2 helmets & 1 forage cap head so I had to add this skull,

I can use him as a Commander also - Baron Von Hinkelstein

Just base coat & peat brown wash

This is the sergeant model which came out later , I call it Mk2 as it has a missile launcher on the top.


  1. Excellent, damn I wish I had a couple of those Target games suits, I am looking for a model to turn into a Blood angel dred, and they look like a good start.

    1. Dan: I think I have one or two. Let me check. You can email me at aethergraph at

  2. Hi Z Peter pig make separate heads with pickelhaube, I bought several packs for my 15mm DKoK, but found them to small for the Blue moon figures so didn't use them, do you want them? What figs will they be used on? Yeah I have those PA troops, I will be using them in my DKoK army, didn't the trench light inf have pickelhaube?

  3. Hello again Dan,
    Thanks for the generous offer , but Peter Pig are true 15mm , right ? i.e. on the smaller scale of 15mm , so I'd have to decline.
    I was planing to convert some GZG Nsl OR add to their ranks. I had completely overlooked Trench 2114 Heer Infantry. have to look them up & see how they'd compare. Did you manage to find any of the warzone Vulkan suits ?

  4. yeah they look like true 15s and the blue moon figs are big 18s, but they may work on an NSL trooper, i will try and find them and see how they compare to other GZG figs.

  5. oh and waiting for a reply from J Womack on the Vulkans