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Sunday 10 August 2014

Armies Army Minis & Vehicles

Hello again all,
Here's my 2nd part review on AA minis.
Brit SAS Sgt, Grey Primer, Vallejo Light stone overcoat, then camo done with 2 shades of khaki, black & stone.

One of the nicest vehicles around . AA Btr290 is a solid design with clean lines. Some horizontal 3D printing lines can be seen but these add character to this mini..I decided to paint one in camo for the Guard & one plain for the Militia. Grey primer, Liquitex Ink base, dark  + med green & black camo.

Decide to make both vehicles higher  ( both benefited from this greatly ) & one of them with turned tyres. Got to say these wheels are some of the nicest I have seen & would be great for conversions etc. They take paint well in their detail.

I added the front armour plate. Was going to add a spare tyre but there's no space to do it, except on the rear door  but that would spoil the detail.

The numbers are dry transfers ( don't find those anymore , unfortunately )  , hand painted variation of the Rusk flag roundel & painted flag bar ( have to do this again as it didn't take well ) . This was my third attempt on the decals.I wanted something different from the usual Soviet Red Star.

Militia model, simple brown base +  WN peat brown wash + Ivory drybrush.

Plain brown uniforms on the Militia.

Whilst the Guard have some camo

Both Militia & Guard are nice minis with minimum flash. So much so some I only noticed some the flash after I had done the base coat !!!!

I found the remains of around 5 old ( 1976 vintage ) Matchbox 1/76th T34's at home & decided to convert some.Liquid soap turret, rawl plug cannon ( experimental Electric cannon),paper & plastic tanks , card ablative armour & flat cable tracks.

"Zapper" point defense made from PC connectors.

Enjoy & be inspired  ...

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