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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Novacorp Outpost

Hello again ,
I have just posted all the pics I have for the Nova corp Outpost.
These were made using Plastic Toy Robot shields something like those of Japanese robots see pic below.
1 whole and the other 2 are 1 sawn in half . They can easily be made of card, though.
I mounted them on 3mm mdf bases + card  + wire + olive oil caps + Antenocities doors.

They are truly a work of love and I had invested quite a number of hours on them .They were originally made for the Dropship competition along with the Rebel Minis Hamr Mk2 walker & the GZG 15mm Nsl and I was truly disappointed when I didn't place in the first 3 places with any of them but obviously had to abide by the judges decisions.
Better luck next time I guess.

I used different shades of ink mostly to paint them

Anyway here are the pics.

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