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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Gorkamorka Scratchbuilt Ork Card Vehicles

Hello all,
These are my Gorkamorka Ork Card Vehicles - Card,plastic sprues,GW parts & minis,toy parts etc.
Gorkamorka gives you free rein when building vehicles & you can go as wacky as you like.
The Harpoon , Speargun & Grabba claw are made from sprue,toothpicks,card & wire.
There's also the GW new truck.

If only GW in their infinite wisdom (??!!!!) would have done with Gorkamorka & Necromunda ( my 2 favourite games ) what they did with SpaceHulk instead of having wasted it on Dreadfleet !!
.I think they would find a good market for them.

I think one can easily convert  Gorkamorka to 15mm

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