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Monday 22 August 2016

Ikwen, PeaceKeepers, Alien Bull & Cow

Hello again All,
Thought I'd share my latest creations.
I bought Brigades PacFed Infantry to use as Peace Keepers & Loud Ninja's Ikwen t use as indigenous Aboriginal Aliens.
I decided to mount 4 of them on the PacFed Dino lizards I got & they came out great. This left me with 4 PacFed riders so I decide to scrathbuild bikes & sidecars. I like how they came out & would fit with the Peace Keeper theme. The heavies were used for the side car riders , a medic & a sniper ( rifle is made entirely from sprue. )

I made the Bull so that eventually I will have an Alien herbivore herd.

Enjoy & may you be inspired enough to start scratchbuilding.


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