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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Wip Terrain & other stuff.

Hello again all
Here are more wip pics I would like to share with you.

  1. Black bunker / hut made from an ant trap
  2. Scratch built ( you can see pics in other posts ) Haqqislam ( for my 15mm Arab Nation, I will get GZG's new Islamic Federation minis, especially the ones with Keffiyeh. - Islamic Federation
  3. Card Balsa wood Landers which i had planned / built years ago as Eldar Skimmers & will now use as 15mm landers for my star port.
  4. Milliput long legged sand hopper - omnivorous insect.
  5. !977 circa Ral Partha orc war machine slaves, converted them to star port porters. I've had these since the late 70's but never got round to using them.
  6. Power plant converted from a Kinder egg toy.
  7. Natural Rock formation for a hide & seek canyon like scenario ( have to make tons of them ). Will get there bit by bit.
  8. Scifi door ( made from a laser jet refill cartridge pull ring )  & a security wall made from packaging.
  9. GW Tau Piranha conversion for my future planned 15mm tau.Still can be used for 28mm if I so decide. Closed cockpit & Troop compartment or supply module.
  10. And finally plans for a triangular skimmer craft made from a blue cheese container lid.

Enjoy & may you be inspired
Thanks for your comments. Z

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