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Saturday 18 November 2017

Scratchbuilt Prime Movers , Cmd ATV & terrain Pipes

Hello again all,
Here are my latest scratch builds ,

A Bulk Hauler from an old Lima Diesel Train + either bottle cap wheels or scratch built tracks.

A Command IFV - wood , plastic , card etc
Half round corridors from PVC pipe & card.

Here are the prime mover pics, added a steampunk one also.

have an old train set which can be used for a frontier town.
Am thinking also of incorporating the tracks on that Necromunda board
planning to do.
Lima trains have great potential , so if you find broken ones on ebay, they can
easily converted.

Am thinking also of doing a grav , hover or jet bases.

One thing i found which is good for plates etc is the thin metal plate used
sardine cans , can easily be cut & shaped ( the walking boards) & 5mm square
Chicken wire fencing ( the rails). The bases are built from 3 ply wood, card & loads
Of plastic sprues.


Thanks for your comments.

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