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Sunday 18 March 2018

15mm Zandris IV - Shiban Uharu Corporation Mecha & Drones

Hello again all,
Here are pics of my Shiban Uharu Corporation Mecha & Drones.
Mecha are Zandris IV which I luckily managed to get even if they are not being made anymore.
Though he has newer versions.
Great minis & service from Zandris IV

Drones are scratchbuilt.
I decided not to paint them in the cracked paint scheme like the rest but used a well weathered scheme.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. They are nice, I like those mechs

  2. Thanks Dan,
    They are indeed.Pity they're oop.I had been meaning to get them for years then I decided to sent the maker an inquiry & luckily he had 2 stashed away. Btw his scifi ships make great drones etc.
    Might get the newer mechs also..check them out at Zandris IV

    Z 🖖