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Sunday 29 April 2018

Black Earth 6mm UEF Hulk Suit review + conversions

Hello again all,
I finally built the Black Earth 6mm UEF Hulk Suits and whilst I was at it decided to convert 4 of them.

I must say these minis assemble very nicely & can be converted easily enough.
Both their shape & detail is very good with almost non existing flash or mould lines.
As I said before they would make great 15mm Power Armour or small mecha.

There are 2 fiddly parts , the rocket launcher & the ammo belt.

The rocket launcher has a small spigot which should be inserted in the shoulder notch.
For the love of me I could not fit the ammo belts in place, so after a lot of trials I decided to fit 2 mm strips of flat cable .

This is the first post black-earth-6mm-15mm-mini-size.html

For some reason they remind me of Hussars ,Imagine having a company of these charging enemy lines ... charge of the metal brigade ??!!

I must get more ....

Thanks for your comments.

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