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Sunday 17 March 2019

Converted old gw skaven to beastmen

Hello again all,
Been some time since my last post.
Here are wip pics of some conversions I did.

I had bought a lot of these old skaven for my son , which unfortunately he didn't like as they are the same pose ( sigh that's what a ton of choice does to you, i would have gobbled them up if  someone gave them to me when I was a boy !!!)

I had a lot of beastmen heads & arms spare , & since beastmen are known for their prolific  nature ( some would say horny, pun intended 😃) , skaven beastmen hybrids are a very real possibility.

Very simple conversion. Remove the head , tail ( though this could be left on) & arms. Imho they came quite good . So what if they're short, variation is good.
I will end up with around 30 of them. A good sized unit for little investment.

Here are comparison pics and the painted minis below. They have been painted to a gaming standard during a free weekend I had.

 I found some more heads , so I decided to do more , good work for a weekend. 2 heads are skaven ones + horns. I think they came out quite good. Decided to paint warpaint on some of them to add variety.

Painting is fairly straightforward.
Brown spray can undercoat
Drybrush with ivory
Gunmetal weapons / flesh highlights
Wash dark brown - cloth/wood/shield  - blue black on weapons
Gulliman flesh on flesh
Highlight flesh with flesh + ivory.
Warpaint Darkblue + medium blue + light blue.

Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. Thanks Skully,
    Just saw this...
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