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Thursday 3 October 2019

Nuclear Shrimp 15mm Tecton Wraiths & Rangers

Another set of great minis from Nuclear Shrimp.
They make a great set of special forces.

These were originally called Stormtroopers, if I am not mistaken.
I converted the duplicate ones ( note easy to saw these minis with a jewellers saw BUT very easy to screw things up , so I would suggest converting only to experienced modellers. Tidied things up with milliput.) & made 2 as S.A.W. troopers.

Grey Undercoat, White zenithal, Them I painted them with a blue black ink mix.
Light drybrush with a light grey.
Tarmac bases painted with a textured paint made out of a mix of dark grey & fine marble powder. Light drybrush with a medium grey.
Went over them again , lining with fine brush & the blue black in.

End pics show comparison pics with The Scene Skov, GZG Kravac & NS Ranger.

Then you have the Rangers , lovely minis & great for death from above games. I got 18 more & I converted all into unique poses. Jewellers saw with the finest blade is your friend.

Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. Thank you Angry lurker.
    Glad you like them.

  2. Those look really nice.

    The "machinery" in the background is good - did it start out life as a lint remover :-). Great stuff.

  3. Thanks JojnM,
    That's a supercooled computer objective, I think it was a playmobil toy part.


  4. Damn... now I need to buy them.

  5. Do so Skully, I highly recommend them.
    They don't cost much.

  6. And convert the double ones because you get 10.... 10 unique poses are a plus.I would suggest you convert 2 to Saw's in order to have 2 distinct 5 man teams.