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Friday 3 January 2020

Concept Drawings

Hello again all,
Hope you had a good year's end and all the best for 2020.
Here are some of my concept drawings.
I would love to make all of them... some day..sigh so may plans so little time..

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Wow! So many cool ideas Zruny. There's a lot there for me to mine ;)

    I can't draw for shit so I don't draw my ideas/concepts down. I usually write ideas in my hobby notebook and save pics of cool stuff I come across online. When it comes time for me to create something I usually make it on the fly.

    That Mouse 2 concept looks ace mate. And the droids with the tie fighter like shoulder plates are cool. Actually, all of them look like they'd be fun to game with. When should we expect to see them on the blog? Next week yeah? :P

    All the best Mr Zrune :)

  2. Thanks for the praise my friend , always good to hear from you.I'm blessed with having the talent to draw, been doing it since forever.
    I like that mouse 2 concept one also & will/must do it asap.Too much stuff to do.My fault really ( most probably every hobbiests'/ gamers' curse), I like all things scifi & fantasy.

    Will keep you posted.
    All the best for 2020

  3. Interesting concepts, it would be great if you found the time to work these out. I especially like the Mouse 2 shuttle and the suspension on the skis. Your first shuttle transport reminds me a lot of the ones from Star Trek and it probably won't be too hard to do a conversion of an existing toy or model.

  4. Some very nice and interesting concepts.

  5. Thanks Wouter & Doug for liking them,
    I will develop Mouse 2 more,for sure.

    I must/will find the time to do some them. My hobby time jumps from one thing to another depending on mood and muse.
    Will draw more & post.