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Tuesday 31 March 2020

15mm Scratchbuilt card - Scifi Grundar Vehicle Mk2

Hello again all ,
Here is another build. I am going to present it bit by bit so that it is easy to follow.
Very straight forward build.
Wheels are made of  2 milk carton caps + wine bottle cork spacer + 1" nail + 2 part epoxy glue.

I was looking at this double decker type vehicle & it didn't look quite right so I decide to cut it in half & ended up with 2 cabins.

Decided on 1 & built it.

and finished.... and since I was asked how I will paint it here is the sequence.

Spray cans black undercoat, grey undercoat zenithal...

A wash of green brown ink
All edges / rivets lined with black blue ink
Dry brush with buff / ivory
Decals added ( GW Tau )
Rust added with nut brown & orange brown
Mud spatters & tyres made with watered down buff
Chipping added with sponge - black , white and brush light grey

Lamps where first painted with mithril silver, then a blob of white glue in the recess then ultra gloss varnish.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Hey Zruny,

    Great build so far mate. I'll definitely be making structurs like this when I make my next board.

    Got a question for you, how do you cut out those oblong shapes? You're using some kind of punch yeah?

    All the best 😊

  2. Thanks Mr.P
    Have to keep the brain cells functioning especially since we're spending more time inside now.
    Do share your builds, would love to see them.

    Yes the "windows" are made using a pliers like punch used for making holes for ID cards ( the hole you pass the clip through )
    Hope this helps

    1. Cheers mate, I'm looking online for one of those tools right now 😁

      I'll definitely keep you posted on what I build too.

      Stay safe.

    2. Did you find the required tools Mr.P ?

  3. Outstanding! Man, you must have spend months on that one.

    1. Apart from the fact that the build is ( honestly) simple, and that helps a lot.
      I built some airfix kits lately ( shown in another post ) and I had forgotten though fun ,what a time consuming & sometimes tedious job it is!!!
      Scratch building with card etc does away with a lot of that.

  4. Thanks for the praise Skully,
    Actually around 2 weeks ... I'm a bit hyper when building & painting stuff...and I jump from 1 project to another.....


  5. Would love this for a 15mm Rogue Trader project. I'm not going to lie, I was sceptical at first, but once you started to add details it became better and better. Fully painted it's simply outstanding.

  6. Thank you sir.
    I compare scratchbuilding to food at first one is sceptical but then mmmmmmmmhhhhhh!!!

    Like dark chocolate & red peppers or strawberries & aceto di Modena cream....


    I often say this looks like shite ( we are our worst critucs) then bit by bit it turns into something kool ...