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Sunday 24 May 2020

Yet another Scratchbuilt sprue 15mm mecha

Hello again all,
Yet Scratchbuilt sprue 15mm mecha ....+ a Card hull.

I simply love plastic sprue. I would imagine tons of it gets thrown away each year.
Wish companies would do something about it .
They can just simply machine rivets on them & no one will throw them away any more as
they'll be used for terrain..

Added more detail. Pistons, tools , feet.... mostly made out of.. guess what ?  yes you've guessed right... sprue. 😉

And card .. off course.

On the bottom are pics of the finished model

Thanks for your comments. 


  1. Genious. You can turn scrap into gold, Z!

  2. Thanks Skully,
    Glad you like it my friend.
    My hands always have to do stuff or i'll go barmy and this CV19 is not helping... at least we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.... let's hope for the best.
    For some reason is reminds me of a Citreon 2CV car....:)

  3. Wow, you made these with pieces of sprue? You're a genius mate! The mech is absolutely amazing.

  4. Thanks Wouter,
    Glad you like it & you have made my day :) truly appreciated :) ....
    Yes simple sprue,it's like building with lego, you have 100's of pieces but don't don't know what you're going to with them ( or have a general idea) then once you start gluing things just start to form...

    Hope you like the painted version....