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Saturday 22 January 2022

18mm Scifi Pan Akrikaan Union

Hello again all,
Here are my Afrikaans.

Dark brown used throughout. Photos came a bit dark....
Minis are Gzg Pau. Lovely minis as usual.

Vehicles are Matchbox & converted jeeps.
Mechs & Power Armour are 3d printed models & modified/converted using card, plastic sprue etc.
Artillery is scratchbuilt.

3D printing is a great start for making base minis & then converting them, so much easier to do....... as I only have basic 3d skills ;)

Thanks for your comments.



  1. Very cool. So you are saying that the old GZG figs are more 18mm then 15mm? I still like them ether way. And I dig the 3d printed Power armor and walkers.

  2. No definitely not.
    You lost me commissar.. where did I say that? :)

    The old GZG are 15mm his new ones like the ones in this post are 18mm.

    I can show you pics of his old Israelis next to the new ones. The latter are beefier & taller.


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  4. I Really Like The Power Armor. Where R They Printed From. Thanks.

  5. If I'm not mistaken they're free from Dutch Mogul but as I said they are converted/modified with sprue & card.