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Sunday 16 February 2014

Here Be Monsters

Hello again all,
I'm going to show what I have done with the left over bits from the GW Chaos Spawn box set
I used putty, bits of sprues & other bits.Your imagination is the only limit of what you can do , so what are you waiting for .... do a google search & you'll get tons of pics for inspiration.

The spawn,though as usual being GW ,are a bit pricey , are nothing short of excellent. If nothing else, GW have taken plastic kits to a higher level .Though personally I feel that they could cram more parts , even if duplicates, in the wide empty sprue parts.

I painted them in various shades to signify the ever changing ways of chaos, I used normal paints & inks, flourescents & metallics

There it is 6 spawn for the price of 2 & I still have parts to spare.As you can see they can be used with 15mm also.

The 1st original model

The 2nd original model

Gunther has once again kindly volunteered to help.

The spiky back horror is my favourite.The spikes were done by holding a plastic sprue with a long nose pliers on a lit candle , high enough so as not to burn ,have another pliers ready , when it starts to look soft squeeze it flat.Cut the flat piece to a point & the other end short enough to repeat the process. Only this time flatten it on a piece of glass or ceramic tile to get the base.Remember DO NOT BURN plastic as it gives off toxic fumes and it will cause nasty burns if it touches your skin. You should seek adult help. Don't blame me if you burn your mothers's kitchen  😁😁😁

Vallejo fluorescent yellow & green were used

Gold ,bronze + fluorescent yellow

Hope you like them

Now all you have to do is run away....


  1. Very cool beasties! Are the bodies made of Milliput?

  2. Thanks, yes milliput & sylmasta a+b putty