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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Rants from Necromunda

One of my favourite games ever is undeniably Necromunda & along with it's minis,designed mostly by one of the best artists around ( Jes Goodwin , if I'm not mistaken ) proved to be one of their bestsellers.Pity it went the way of the dodo !!! Hopefully there will be a revival some time in the future like what happened to SpaceHulk.I decided to post pics of some of my minis.

The other reason I love NC is that you have small number of minis so you can devote more time on them.

Necromunda also gives you an excuse for building terrain,loads of it :):):) . In fact that's my problem, I've run out of space where to store it. All the terrain is hand made.Did I mention I love making terrain. Terrain build from anything I could lay my hands on but mostly card, Pvc board, Foam Core & printed paper. Holes punches ( different shapes & sizes are your friend ) , cutters, pliers , CA, white glue, hot glue gun. Well basically anything that gets the job done.


Converted Bloodbowl Elf Cheerleader

One of my favourite posters :) The girl on the right is from the Void 1.1  I-Kore range by Target games

Warzone minis - Inquistor Gideon & his agents.


He who stalks the dark.

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  1. I love Necromunda but have to say The Enforcers were prety naff...I ended up converting some cadians and they look far better!