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Monday 10 February 2014

NSL Mammut & Goliath

I now had loads of the new NSL gruntz by Gzg thanks to his generosity in the winter sale. but no Panzers ..... with so many models around I couldn't decide which I was going to get , then it hit me. Why not make my own since I have always enjoyed building stuff . So here they are , models in the making.
The basic shape is made of MDF,  fibre board is very easy to cut & sand to shape but should be done preferably outside since it produces a lot of very fine dust or wear a filter mask or have adequate ventilation.

I recommend getting steel templates like the ones Antenocities have, I got all 3.These give you loads of different shapes to use.You will need a very thin scriber so as to use these templates to the full & not damage them in the process. Here's the link You can check them out here.
Mammut Apc on the left & Goliath Tank on the right.

Card is used to flesh out the basic shape

The Goliath being a tank is wider

Here I'm using flat cable tracks as explained in my previous post

Nsl Soldat for scale purposes. Btw just discovered that plasticine ( non hardening modelling putty) can be mixed with milliput to lengthen hardening time.
New track type, these are lower than the previous ones & gone are the side doors.Decided to lower the tank body also

Rear door access like the Merkava.I think that Gruntz should have the option of having tanks that can carry an infantry support squad.

This is the original side + rear bit.

Too high !!!

Apc has side & rear access as I think that is the best Apc design.Infantry have to be able to exit from whichever side is on the other side of enemy fire not just the rear as most apc's. I lowered the Apc body also.

Hope you like it & find inspiration, imagination you already have , you're gamers after all .
Now all you need is creativity.You can do it , yes you can.....
More will follow.


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