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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Sculpting in PVC

I needed to do an Eldar fleet for BFG in a hurry, but I couldn't afford to buy one.At the time I was scratch building a flying droid & I said why not try to do an Eldar ship ... and here's what I came up with . I'm posting it here as the possibilities are endless.

All you need are small, different shaped files, sharp blades ( mind your fingers ) small drill bits, fine grade sandpaper 600 or 800 grit , a small hacksaw or model saw & superglue. Pvc is virtually inseparable when glued with superglue..... and as usual imagination.Different thicknesses of Pvc are suggested.

I've also included the finished models compared to some original GW ones so you can see that Pvc is a very good medium.

They may look rough & ready but remember that a camera brings out all the small faults etc which normally do not show under the naked eye.

Hope you find this inspirational


  1. Very interesting Zrune! (altho from the title I was expecting a very different article hahahaha)

  2. So let me get this right, did you build up the basic shapes with laminates of pvc sheeting?