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Monday, 3 March 2014

A Tale of a 1000 rivets - Scifi Ork scratchbuilds

Hello again all,
Here are my Scifi Ork scratchbuilds, both old & new. .The larger ones can be used for 28mm as Tin Cans or as large Mecha for 15mm. They're made from ...
  • card, 
  • various diameter wood dowels
  • pieces of  wood cut to the general shape of the vehicle
  • plastic sprues
  • flat cable
  • corrugated card
  • medicine bottle dehydrant tubs
  • super glue & pva glue
  • chicken wire ladders ( 5mm & 10mm )
  • thin galvanised iron wire.
  • & obviously GW spare parts ... I think I listed them all off the top of my head... 

Oh this post is called a Tale of a 1000 Rivets as there are loads of these, believe me I had to pass over most of them twice or thrice with white glue blobs until I got the right height .I also used plastic hex ones.I got mine from Antenocities. They have a very good range .

The minis are GZG excellent Mercs 1 & 2, full of character & detail.I especially love the aviator style leather cap & goggles.The bigger ones which I'm using as leaders are Khurasan large mutants. The detail on these is great especially the faces . Both are 100% recommended if you want to make a green horde.Cleanup in both cases is minimal & well within anyone's skill.

A very good mate of mine says that my fine tuning instrument is a hammer ( ha ha ha ) but Orks are very forgiving ( though not as a race :) ) as you don't need exact measurements and scratchbuilding ork vechiles from card & scrap is both fun & can be very rewarding .

Enjoy, I do wish &  hope you find inspiration & as I say always just get going.
Basics of a bike/trike

 Driver built with milliput |& green stuff.Bike built from wood & Card.Plastic sprue weapon.

Just keep in mind that working on 15mm is more time consuming than 28mm , 15mm is small & parts are flimsy but it can be done as shown here.The important thing is to try. Just use your imagination ( which for sure you have loads since you're a wargamer ) if it looks good it's good and above all count your rivets.

Ramming beak


15mm Dreadnaughts & Tin Cans

Shears, power saw & claw hammer

Flat cable ammo belts wound on needles


Wall E on steroids :)

Next to their GW cousins.