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Monday 3 March 2014

A Tale of a 1000 rivets - Scifi Ork scratchbuilds

Hello again all,
Here are my Scifi Ork scratchbuilds, both old & new. .The larger ones can be used for 28mm as Tin Cans or as large Mecha for 15mm. They're made from ...
  • card, 
  • various diameter wood dowels
  • pieces of  wood cut to the general shape of the vehicle
  • plastic sprues
  • flat cable
  • corrugated card
  • medicine bottle dehydrant tubs
  • super glue & pva glue
  • chicken wire ladders ( 5mm & 10mm )
  • thin galvanised iron wire.
  • & obviously GW spare parts ... I think I listed them all off the top of my head... 

Oh this post is called a Tale of a 1000 Rivets as there are loads of these, believe me I had to pass over most of them twice or thrice with white glue blobs until I got the right height .I also used plastic hex ones.I got mine from Antenocities. They have a very good range .

The minis are GZG excellent Mercs 1 & 2, full of character & detail.I especially love the aviator style leather cap & goggles.The bigger ones which I'm using as leaders are Khurasan large mutants. The detail on these is great especially the faces . Both are 100% recommended if you want to make a green horde.Cleanup in both cases is minimal & well within anyone's skill.

A very good mate of mine says that my fine tuning instrument is a hammer ( ha ha ha ) but Orks are very forgiving ( though not as a race :) ) as you don't need exact measurements and scratchbuilding ork vechiles from card & scrap is both fun & can be very rewarding .

Enjoy, I do wish &  hope you find inspiration & as I say always just get going.
Basics of a bike/trike

 Driver built with milliput |& green stuff.Bike built from wood & Card.Plastic sprue weapon.

Just keep in mind that working on 15mm is more time consuming than 28mm , 15mm is small & parts are flimsy but it can be done as shown here.The important thing is to try. Just use your imagination ( which for sure you have loads since you're a wargamer ) if it looks good it's good and above all count your rivets.

Ramming beak


15mm Dreadnaughts & Tin Cans

Shears, power saw & claw hammer

Flat cable ammo belts wound on needles


Wall E on steroids :)

Next to their GW cousins.


  1. Great post, always loved your ork scratchbuilds, orks really are a godsend for the scratch builder. the models are amazing as always, some new ones for me in there and its great to see you've used the GZG figures as I was considering getting into 15mm orks so having them in these pictures is greatr as I cna see what they look like and they are spot on for 15mm orks.
    Looking forward to more orkiness from you in the future.......I think I should set you a challenge my friend.........

  2. I really like the idea of using corrugated card for tank tracks, I've laways shied away fro mscratch building tank tracks but at this scale they look very good indeed!

  3. inspired I have gone over to GZG and bought a pack of SG15-X05, got to have a go at this 15mm ork lark!

  4. Thanks for the comment Harbadix,
    Glas they inspired you along the path of enlightenment ( if one could use the word ) & GZG is a very good choice.

  5. I have to say wow, the one thing my Orc army is missing is tanks, and vehicles. With you ideas I should be able to fill the army with tanks, and tanklets quickly.
    Here is a link to my blog with my Orc stuff.

  6. Thanks Wesley for the comments,,,, indeed fill the gaming table with good orky stuff, you can do it.... btw I like your work keep it up......


  7. Ha! Those are some seriously cool, fun models! Great work!

  8. Your tempting me to make an ork force too, brilliant stuff!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  9. Just an FYI but I started a Space Orc G+ community so we can share our works there as well as blogs. Nice way to lump it all together.

  10. Your stuff is great, mate! All this orky hardware has a fantastic feel, i'm a growing fan of your workshop. Especially seeing that flat cable creations was one of those moments that make life easier. So far my best idea for micro tracks/ammo belts were the smallest of those plastic zip-things they use to bundle cables up (or as disposable handcuffs), but this looks heaps better.
    Cheers :D

  11. Glad you like it Tomo, cable ties ( as we call them ) are too rigid, though you might be able to use them by cutting them halfway in equal divisions along the length thus making them more bendy .

    Thanks for the comments