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Saturday 15 March 2014

A Tale of a 1000 Rivets - Scifi Ork Scratchbuilds Part 2

Hello again all,
Here are some more 15mm Ork Scifi Scratchbuilds.I don't know whether to rename the post to A tale of a 1000,000 rivets or How to bring on early senility :):):) .
 My fingers are hurting & I can't see straight with all those dastardly rivets. Still scratch building is 100% worth it, it's both fun & rewarding , though I don't think it can turned into a job as it is very time consuming .The models here took around 48hrs to do on & off, more than the previous lot as a matter of fact.All were made with Solid 1mm card ( which i get from Dark Chocolate packing), wood dowel wheels, plastic sprues,flat cables & other bits.The vehicles had to have their undercarriage literately nailed into the wooden body using shortened 3/4" wood nails to make them sturdy.
Just one thing , the best plastic I found to work with is GW sprues.Light grey, soft to cut ,doesn't bung up your drills much but only found in squarish cross sections , rarely round.
Hope you like them.I left them unpainted so they can be used as inspiration.If any one needs help or advise you can mail me on .
Another thing ,English is not my native tongue, therefore some phrases or jokes might not make sense but I'll try my best to make myself understood.
These remind me off the Wacky races. Have to find Muttley.

Steam powered, includes piston ,large fly wheel & Steam whistle,off course.

Trainee driver :):):) Anti roll over side wheels, I can just imagine it wobbling to & fro.

I almost lost it when I was gluing those fiddly plastic fins to the rockets .You need a very steady hand to do these.The rockets were turned on a mini drill (on low speed, otherwise the friction will melt the plastic ) using harder plastic sprue & needle files

An never before seen Quadro Ork Dread

Complete with rope ladder

I always wanted to do an ork double decker. Half truck or Trakk can be also used for Gorkamorka. My second favourite GW game, the first being Necromunda. I nicked the bolted on bars with flat cutter to give the impression that they were cut with a cutter burner.Imagine a cutter burner in the hands of an Ork Meckanik !!!! :):):).

I used nylon window fly screen to do the floor

Another half track, complete with cow plough & heavy flamer turret.The turret was made from - the grey base is what's left from a 10mm wall screw plastic plug,the top is card, the steel barrel is a biro nib & the flame guard is a piece from  lollipop stick.

The spanner & skull ( can be seen further up) were cut with a flat sharpened 2.5 mm steel pin fitted into a wooden handle.You might be able to make one (or ask someone who knows how to ) from a thin screw driver. A jeweler's flat screw driver might be good for this ,just sharpen the point on emery paper .I find this indispensable as it cuts into the card at 90deg (perpendicular) does giving more control than a normal blade when cutting small bits.As always take care of your eyes & fingers.

The red ladder came from plastic sheets used to strengthen mortar/plaster on walls.Don't know what they call it but it comes in sheets & is nailed to walls prior to plastering.

Added card pieces to strengthen build

Had to literally drill & nail into plywood.This model came heavier than the top one


  1. Another great bunch, good inspiration to get started myself! Can we have photos of the painted items as well just to see?

  2. Thanks for the comments, you'll see the painted pics as soon as they are painted.....

  3. Oh and I can't wait to see what you cook up ...... always good to see other gamers' models

  4. I never thought of using a drill as a mini lathe. That IS genius!

  5. Thanks for the great comments, I'm truly flattered ( honestly flattered & no sarcasm intended, cross my heart & hope to die & become a zombie :):):) ) ....
    You're more than welcome ...