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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rebel Minis Mk1 HAMR Suit

Be a Rebel , you know you want to.....
I had actually assembled this model when just prior to undercoating I said " this great mini deserves more " .This mini needs a more dynamic pose, so I dismantled it & starting sawing away with a jewellers' saw.Got to tell you that this is not for the faint hearted & requires a bit of skill & not one saw pass went by that I did not think I was going to mess it up.
Whilst the detail is good, the moving joint lines( ie. where the elbow meets the arm etc ) on this model aren't very clear but after careful study I marked where the arm & the knee would most likely turn or bend .The torso is the most obvious .
I sawed & converted these parts.All parts were pinned with steel rods.I always pin when I do conversions of this kind.
  • Torso
  • Left Arm
  • Pointing hand ( this was the most time consuming as you have to convert it from a fist
  • Right arm
  • right foot
And there you have it "Zed" Barus pointing into the blue yonder.
Not to blow my own trumpet and even if it's rude to point but I personally love how this model came out & in my humble opinion I think I did the designer justice,.

Hope you like it & start converting... you can do it, yes you can

Merc recruitment poster

Ground was done with a mix of Dry RedBush ,Orange Pekoe & Black Teas + white glue.When dry a mix of snow ( I got this from Antenocities years back ) +  white glue. I use quick drying PVA glue.

Smoke effect cockpit was done with a mixture of peat brown (windsor & newton) & yellow inks.I'm still old school & use a lot of WN inks & Humbrol acrylics

Decals came from 1/32 Airfix German ww2 helmet insignia,Cut up Wehrmacht vehicle number plates.The Skull on top is a hand made decal.

Added Lenses top l/h corner & 2 aerials top rear

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