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Sunday 13 November 2016


Hello again all,
Been some time since I painted 28mm as I had devoted all my free time to 15mm. I painted these GW Gorechosen ( a great beer & pretzel game btw ) for a friend of mine. My favourite minis are the Slaughter priest & the one with the dangling morning star on a chain

They're not painted competition level but for gaming they're more than good. It took me around 3 hours solid work to finish them & their high level of detail helps a lot in painting them.

I painted them this way to get a dark & brooding palette.

Matt black spray undercoat.
Light Brass overspray ( see the close up & you'll see the spray dots ).
Very light Gold overspray on top parts.
Block in the main colours ( ie. Flesh, Steel, Leather & Cloth )
Over wash with Windsor & Newton peat brown ( I have been using this ink for more than 25 years & it has never disappointed me )
Highlight with the main colours.
Last touch ups with brighter shade of colour.

Btw the lava on the bases is made by shaving colour pencils/crayons ( Red, Dark Red, yellow, orange, dark brown ) & mixing it with white glue.

Enjoy & may you be inspired

My Favourite Minis

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