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Thursday 21 September 2017

Assault Hover Craft

Hello again all,
And yet another project which  I have almost finished.

Scratchbuilt Assault Hover Craft.
One is a small cabin light weapon 8 man craft & the other is a larger heavy weapon 5 man one.

Oh & if your wondering where i got the parts.... here's the list.

The hull is made from the plastic of a CRT monitor anti eye strain screen ( remember those mesh like ones that used to darken monitors ? ) It takes Poly glue , what more could you ask for ? :):):)
The floor is a piece of VHS video tape.
The Cabins are plaster of paris + card
The hatch is the top of a pen cap.
and the weapons & the crew are AA ones.

Perhaps you remember that beach painting I did, well the plan is to have these, converted WW2 Buffalos, Landing craft etc.

And here is the first test paint job - naval dazzle camo... still a wip, with loads of work left to do ..

Tell me what you think
Thanks for your comments.

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