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Wednesday 14 February 2018

Nuclear Shrimp - Black Earth 6mm & 15mm mini size comparisons.

Hello all ,
Here are Black Earth 6mm & 15mm mini size other companies.
CM = Critical Mass
BE = Black Earth
GZG = Ground Zero Games
O8 = Section 8 Assault Publishing
AA = Armies Army , now at TheScene

The superb UEF Hulk makes a great 15 mm PA or Light Mecha.
Overall minis detail is exquisite with minimal easily removed flash. (First time I have tried 3D printed minis & this type of plastic is new to me) correction , these minis are cast in a resin comparable to Forgeworld ones.
Can't wait to see how it paints.

Thanks for your comments.

6mm GZG, 6mm BE UEF suit ,15mm BE, Darkest Star,15mm BE, Khurasan, WhiteDragon

BE x 3, IonAge

BE x 3 , GZG PA

BE x 3 , GZG 15 vehicle

BE x 3, CM, Puppets war 28mm, Rebel Minis , O8

Rebel minis, BE x 3,  Anvil Industry 28mm

6mm GZG, Brigade 6mm, Khurasan 6mm, BE x 2, Ion Age, BE, GZG, IonAge

Ion Age, BE x 2, CM, BE, IonAge, CM

O8, BE x 2, Brigade, BE, AA, AA

Micropanzer, BE x 2, Micropanzer, BE, GZG, IonAge

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