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Thursday 1 February 2018

More 15mm Scratch Built AFV's & IFV's

Hello again all,
To continue with my previous post here are more Scratch Built AFV's & IFV's.

2 of my favourite models are GZG 15mm Phalanx & Paladin.

GZG is one of my fav makers & his minis & vehicles rock ,even if they have been designed years ago they are still very scifi looking & never seem to get old. He's a great guy to get stuff from... 10/10 for quality of service & communication

My main concerns with them are that they are made of heavy metal which can be disastrous if model slips from the hand & they are low as vehicles go ( in my head I don't see them as 15mm, because I always ask whether this or that mini can physically enter in that vehicle...though they would look very plausible as 10mm or AI controlled ones ).

So I decided to do my versions of them.

As usual the hulls are very straight forward, made out of card  , see the first pic for the tanks plan.

The chassis are made of wood & card ,with marker cap based wheels.The axles are made from metal pop rivet leftovers . Turrets are made from PVC ( e.g. billboard type material & cotton bud barrels for the  twin missile launchers ).

They're not perfect but came out great for gaming
I undercoated 3 in black & lightly sprayed with grey primer.



  1. Hi Zruny,

    I'm not sure if i was following your blog when you posted this, but if I was I apologise for being lazy to comment on this post when you made it.

    They look ace man! I really like those wheels a lot. You said they are from marker caps? I've never seen caps like that before. Are they something special that you only get in Malta?

    I had no idea that you built the basic shape from folding card. I'm even more impressed mate! I've ran out of words to tell you how good they turned out :)

    Keep on keepin on!

  2. Thanks Mr.P,
    Glad you like them.
    No worries my friend ....
    To tell you the truth I have forgotten what make the marker was but yes simple marker caps cut short.

    God knows how much stuff I bought or kept along the years just because they looked nice .. haha 🤔

    Over & out my friend.