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Sunday 5 May 2019

15mm 08 - New Vistula Legion ( NVL)

Hello again all,
Been some time since I posted.
Here is my latest army.
The infantry are NVL  from O8 ( Assault Publishing )
The vehicles are  Scratchbuilt. see here also

The mecha are EM4 plastic ones ( which I used in previous builds ) with Warlord plastic Ghar heads.

The drones are vintage 1991 heavy jetpacks by a now defunct company.

Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. I love those NVL, the vehicles rock too.

  2. Thanks for the praise.
    Glad you like themπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    As you can see scratchbuilding is not that difficult & yields unique models.

    Love those Nvl too, wish I had got them all.
    I'll paint their rebels next.


  3. Lord Zrune,

    Awesome stuff once again mate :)

    That shot of the Mechs standing in front of the tanks with the general in the foreground is baller! The head swap and arm conversion really sell these as Mechs and not Gundams.

    The backpacks proxied as drones work really well. I think I've seen that company logo around before, very us :P

    Great to see you posting again mate :)

  4. Glad you like them Mr.P 😎
    Thanks my friend.
    Will hopefully more stuff soon.


  5. The NVL troops / figures are still available through PICOArmor in the USA and Magister militarum in the EU.

    The figures had been originally designed and sold ODDZIAL OSMY. They are awesome little figures and make for a huge company of men in my collection.