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Thursday 23 May 2019

Sisters of Battle

I had these minis for years, ever since they came out in the late 90's.
I had painted some years back & finally decided to do the ones I had left.

The red ones & the cloaked canoness were done around 15 years ago ( or more ) & the blue ones this month and I wanted to share them with you. Though the pics didn't come out that bad , they don't do justice to the models. Jes Goodwin is one of the best sculptors ever in my opinion.

Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. Another vote for Jes Goodwin, I absolutely love his trolls and ogres from the late 80s. Your sisters look great, old and new ones alike!

  2. Beautiful work, some of my favourite models!

  3. Thank you both,
    Indeed they are , especially their faces.Simply Lovely.
    I thought I'd better do them before the planned plastics come out because.. you know what happens...