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Saturday 6 July 2019

15mm Critical Mass - Lupus - Wolfmen

Hello again all
Finished the CMG protolene. The bipedal mecha are CMG's  28mm Ks ones.
The PA are scratch built

Red brown spray undercoat, wash with thinned down carmine oil colour or GW Carrebourg crimson, ivory armour drybrush , then bone paint, white hair & nails. The 2 washes give different effects, the oil wash is deeper in colour & the other more matt but both are nice.

Imagine 2 large islands connected by an isthmus , the west island is home to the Lupus , a race of intelligent humanoid canines & the east one , home to the Felid ( The Kzin ) ,  a race of intelligent humanoid felines.

Now imagine that both of them are carnivorous, bloodthirsty & belligerent. In fact they almost killed each other to extinction but 250 years ago it was agreed by their elders that in order for them to survive they must cease the continuous wars.

So the War of the Middle land were conceived , every 2 years teams of each race meet in battle in the isthmus arena. Fighting outside this area is summarily dealt with by both races.Along the years famous teams of houses have emerged with cut heroes revered as their Terran counterparts.
Sharp Sickle Claw & Strong Proud Jaw ( loose Terran translation ) are among the more famous. Both Males & females can take part in these games , as long as they are litter less.Success in these games leads to success in life, failure usually leads to ignominy.

This is broadcast live on the main communication devices & is very popular & needless to say lucrative. Humans usually give these 2 species, who don't have space travel yet , a wise berth as contact usually ends up in hostilities but a huge intergalactic media company is looking into the possibility of screening these fight with drones and not necessarily with royalties as this means more profits!!!

Thanks for your comments.

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