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Saturday 6 July 2019

15mm Old Crow, Ion Age & Black tree - Legion - be pure be vigilant behave

Hello again all,
These were my first foray into 15mm & they got me hooked. Both & Old Crow are great minis 100%.

The Legion - infantry , Old crow grav tanks & (oop) Black tree mechas.
I had got 3 of each design so I converted 4 with leg swaps.

Legion,  a group of ultra xenophobic zealots led by the charismatic ,very unhinged, despot Tomas De Torquemada , scour the galaxy & eliminate anything that does not resemble a human.Fans of the British comic 2000AD will surely remember this character... hence be pure be vigilant behave or else be purged in fire.

I always thought that this story influenced 40K .

Matte Black spray can base coat ,Vallejo Air colour dark grey overcoat & light grey hex… Touched up with light grey , graphite pencil & scratches with a blade.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. The simple colour scheme works really well with these guys Zrune. Great job mate :)

  2. Thank you Mr.P,
    I think so too, ;).
    Simple black undercoat, light white overspray, gray drybrush, white helmet.....