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Saturday 6 July 2019

15mm Khurasan & Critical Mass - The Kzin

Khurasan felids  & CMG Protolene don't disappoint one bit, great minis .

I called them Kzin as in Larry Niven's excellent books. Imagine a humanoid walking,extremely aggressive ,intelligent, brightly coloured feline , imagine that only warriors have the right to mate and you can imagine Kzin society.

I painted the minis like this – white spray undercoat,Vallejo Sand airbrushed base coat,Windsor & Newton Peat brown wash,GW Ivory successive drybrushes . Then detail with Scarlet,Flame Orange,Grey & grey Blue.

The Sand Earth basing is natural brown earth with pva, I envisaged these aliens as being desert plains creatures/mountain dwellers.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Those mechs look a lot like warhounds from 40K. They're great warbots!

    I'm not familiar with the other minis, but I like the aesthetic. Top job again mate :)

  2. A fantastic force you have there! Have been a fan of these sculpts since I saw them in the Gruntz rulebook. Very nicely painted!

  3. Thanks you my friends,
    They do Mr.P , 15mm made by the now defunct Critical Mass Games (CMG). I have their PA 28mm versions in my LUpus poat.

    Thanks Skully, they were one of my very first forays in 15mm and they are very nice minis.