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Tuesday 9 July 2019

Rogue 1 for 15mm/28mm

Hello again all,
I found this superb model & decided to convert it to 15/28mm.
I removed the pilot compartment & built one out of card. Built a working ramp.
Painted the panel lines & wear.

Hear are pics of a starport scene, the containers are card models from Dave Graffam . I recommend these 100%. Cheap, super graphics just need a lot of work to build.

The plastic pilot compartment was sawed at the corners & reversed ( i.e. glued with the inside out) I will convert it to a grav vehicle , more on this in a later post.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Great idea Zruny baby :)

    Some of those toys are great for wargaming aren't they. I like those blue security droids. Did you make them out are they bought ones?

    Great work mate :)

  2. Thanks Mr.P.