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Tuesday 9 July 2019

Zenithal airbrush to quickly paint 15/18mm minis

Hello again all,
Yesterday I decided to try zenithal airbrush painting & was impressed with the amount of work you can save.

One of the things that puts me down is painting base coats. So I decided to try this.

1) Rattle can undercoat ( whether black, white grey or brown - I use )
2) Airbrush a darker shade of the final colour. ( You don't need a dual action airbrush for this,  I have a single action Humbrol studio 1 airbrush which I bought in 1983 !!! 😉
3) Airbrush a lighter shade aiming at the minis from the top, move the airbrush in a circle around each model, so as to get a 360 deg coverage.
4) Again from the top aiming down spray the final shade.

I use FW ,  Model colour & Vallejo Air colour. Mixing colours & brands as I see fit.

That's it , just 3 shades but a ton of work was saved. Now I have 4 or 5 alien factions which I can paint by brush when I feel like it.
Do try it out.

Thanks for your comments.

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