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Friday 6 March 2020

15mm Micropanzer - Scifi Gitungi

Hello again all,
I got these on a whim & I must say I wasn't disappointed.
I don't often see them used but they are quite nice, having a unique , roundish shape to them.

The smaller ones are based on a 2 € cent & the larger ones on a 5 € cent coin

Before getting them I wasn't sure about their size when compared to other minis but I quickly changed my mind after getting them.

The Red/yellow helmeted ones were converted from an Amakudari heavy squad with green stuff.

Dark brown undercoat, yellow zenithal spray, sand drybrush, yellow overcoat.
Brown ink / Blue black  lining.

I went for an outrageous bright orange basing. This was done by mixing old orange paint ( some of it had dried so I crushed it ) & acrylic gesso used for textured painting , which I had bought in fine, medium & course consistency.

Must design mechs / vehicles for them now.

** Update - 25/04/20
Vehicles started . I wanted something very different from the norm.
More advanced build. It is based on my Mesonai build.

See last pics.

I added 2 GRuntz spec cards also.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. They look pretty darn good, dude!

  2. They're nice chunky dudes aren't they! Great colour scheme too Zruny baby. I'm looking forward to seeing the mechs/bots you make for them as well.

    cheers mate.

  3. they look pretty cool, how well do they compare to other "human" sized mins?

  4. Thanks guys,
    Glad you like them :)

    Will post pics as soon as I can cook 'em up Mr.P.

    I'd say pretty well commissar , the shortest one is around 15mm high & the largest some 19mm.


  5. Very nice! I think this rather exotic scheme suits them well!

  6. Thanks Skully,
    I think so too :)...
    I have been experimenting with dried up acrylic paints + artist gesso mix and man oh man does it work !!!

    Very quick to apply to the bases & any colour can be had... & you're not throwing away anything..... I have humbrol paints which are still good after more than 30 years but others just dry up.... some citadel ones dry up more than others e.g. white & flesh for some reason !!!


  7. Cool, so they are built like a brick House. :D

  8. YEs sir Commissarmoody...
    Small & chunky.