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Monday 18 May 2020

15mm scifi converted ogryns

Hello again all,
I had planned to do this for ages.
Finally did them.
I had some of the first GW plastic orcs & build faces with brown stuff.
They won't win any beauty contest but I think they came out ok.

I made another 2... but with shields & batons now

Finished another 4 , this time with 6 shooters, pistols and handguns.

Thanks for your comments.



  1. That's a really clever use of those ugly orks Zruny, repurposing them as 15mm Orgyns! And your sculpting is more than good enough :)

    Well done mate.

  2. Hey Mr.P,
    How's life ? Gad to hear from you.

    Thanks my friend.
    I always liked the german helmeted ones & the stikk grenades. Still have some laying around planned for a now grown cold bloodbowl team. I might just convert them to assault Ogryns with huge shields & power mauls.
    Could be used as arbites also.


  3. What a great use for these old plastic Orks! Ogryns probably never enter beauty contests, but as for your sculpting, I think you did a amazing job. They look wonderful.

  4. Thank you Wouter.
    I prefer these to those of the second edition,
    I was a bit uncertain How i was going to do them but once I started i realised that like so many things in life, you'll never know until you try.
    I used brown stuff from green stuff world.I prefer it to GS for this kind of work.


    1. I barely use brown stuff to be honest. When I see it being used it's mostly for armour as it's great to sculpt smooth surfaces and sharp edges with. Green stuff is still my to go to putty, but I like the grey one too.

  5. I like brown stuff because it hardens unlike gs which remains somewhat soft. In fact i usually mix milliput in equal measures with it.
    Grey stuff? You mean procreate? Haven't used it yet.
    Must get some.