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Monday 18 May 2020

15mm Scifi 08 Freedom Fighters + objective marker.

Hello again all,
Just finished the 08 Freedom fighters / Insurgents /Rebels.. depends on which side of the lens one is looking.
Very nice minis.Some of them had pesky mould lines but at 15mm they're almost negligible

I enjoyed painting jeans etc , slippers etc.

The objective marker came by chance. I had a bottle of Hales Pactra enamel paint ( some 25 years old or more !! ) and went to thin it with white spirit as I used to do, unfortunately the spirit I used is an aggressive solvent & melted the bottle and mixed the paint with the plastic....... and I did something with it instead of throwing it away.

Thanks for your comments.



  1. Love them! These are such great minis, you did a good job here!

  2. Hey Skully,
    Thanks my friend , they are indeed, glad you like them.
    You did a good job on them yourself.

    Btw do you know how to set the new google blogger to show large pics? They are remaining small when clicked since I moved to the new one !!!


  3. Looks like something escaped from the container and from the looks of it I don't want to be in the vicinity of what came out.
    Your insurgents are beautiful well painted, top job!

  4. Indeed Wouter... have to paint a " Do not open sign " & another with " too late" on it 😉.
    Thanks for liking them , my friend...