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Thursday 7 May 2020

Clearhorizon 15mm Scifi Wraith Power Armour

Hello again all
These are Clearhorizon 15mm Scifi Wraith Power Armour.
These are very nice, chunky  minis also .
I converted 3 by cutting the torso & repositioning so as to have unique minis.

The heads are a bit fiddly to fit so I strongly suggest you fit them in a tray,
so you won't loose them if they slip out of your tweezers ( I almost lost some of them :) )

Black undercoat, white zenithal, then shades, washes & inks mostly.

I've added a size comparison also with other brands.

 Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. Cool figures, very nice use of greens.

  2. Thanks Ragsta,
    Again using Contrast paints, Militarum Green & Creed Camo... very nice shades of green... as nice as my fav W&N brilliant green or liquitex phtalo green inks.


  3. Your paint scheme for these figures was a great choice of colors, they look Awesome!

  4. Thanks both of you :)

    I was feeling bored AGAIN !!!, damn this depressing CV-09....I had finished the Micropanzer ogres & decided to do something else, painted them in an afternoon using contrast paints almost exclusively.

    At first I thought it was all hype but hey they're very good at painting stuff quickly.. and I love quick.

    Having said that I mix a lot of shades myself using concentrated inks , stone sealer & matt medium.Not as good as contrast but quite useful.

    I forgot to add I used yellow also to lighten the top parts , then a white chinagraph for edges etc and I lined
    the shadows with a blue black mix.


  5. Cool models and I like the others already said: "great choice of colours".

  6. Thanks Wouter.
    They are indeed....