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Thursday 7 May 2020

Micropanzer 15mm Scifi Ogres

Hello again all,
I'm trying my best to reduce the mountain bit by bit.
Here are my Micropanzer 15mm Scifi Ogres.
Lovely character full minis, with strong jaw line.
My only comment are the rather small/short feet but they look good just the same so it doesn't
matter that much.

I converted some with head swaps , except the Saw.
I put berets on the sergeants.

I've added a size comparison also with other brands.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Those came out lovely, nice effort!

  2. Thanks Ragsta,
    I was feeling bored, damn this CV-09....and decided to do something, painted them in an afternoon using constrast paints almost exclusively. At first I thought it was all hype but they're very good at painting stuff quickly.. and I love quick.

    Having said that I mix a lot of shades myself using concentrated inks , stone sealer & matt medium.Not as good as contrast but quite useful.

    The best colour I found is bloodtearers red , deep lovely, covers like a sheet & matt finish.The next must be gulliman flesh as good an invention as toilet paperin rolls.. haha


  3. Excellent brushwork! I hadn't seen these models before and they look really cool.

  4. Thank you sir.
    If i'm not mistaken they where made by an Australian guy...though can't remember who..then micropanzer got them.