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Wednesday 24 June 2020

15mm Scifi Judges

Hello again all,
Here is my take on Judges.
Mostly except for the robots and Hero leader which are from Khurasan.
All are nice minis but I like the khurasan ones best.
Pity the droids are so small as they would make great guards etc.. though his newer ones 
are larger.

The scifi zombies are by micropanzer and I love them .. must get more.....

The vehicle is by a chinese company , left almost all in its original colours ,converted with a dozer blade from another toy.

The stripes on the riot shields are not the same as they're animated in the setting to warn 
would be perps.

Thanks for your comments. 


  1. Nice work! I really like the truck with blade, if that isn't a crowd pleaser!

  2. Cool stuff! The judges and zombies look great! Nice bots too, everyone needs bots.

  3. Thanks Doug , that blade belonged to the bright green ( now wheeled ) bulldozer ( now with clamping pincers ) . I agree with you and it is one of my fav mpdels.

    Thanks Ragsta,you're right and I loved bots since MazingaZ & Patlabor days... Khurasan has some great new ones also..
    his bots are nothing short of superb.


  4. What a great force, not only is the truck a stunning model, you also did such a wonderful job on the bases and painted a whole lot of details. The hazard stripes on the shield are brilliant!

  5. Thanks again Wouter for the praise.
    I like using a mix of black tile grout & old paint & art gesso mix for them. Them simple white or yellow stripes.

    See here also

    The stripes are simple paper cutouts, which I had left from my other projects.

    See here