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Sunday 28 June 2020

The McGraw Gang... 15/28mm scifi aliens

Hello again all,
I decided to make a press mould of the first one and made 4 more.
Now I have a small gang, perhaps I'll do more.

Intelligent upright lizard like creatures , official name " Lacerta tres oculii Intelligensis Erettus " ,
they're called "3's" by humans due to their 3 eyes sometimes even crocs due to their mouth.

They make great scouts or guards as it takes a lot to surprise them. They also make excellent
close combat troops as they can bite a limb or head clean off with their large mouths like

These minis are good for 15 to 28mm. The larger one is a mini I made for a fantasy campaign
I Dm'd years back and now going to be used as extra muscle.

I used Milliput + sylmasta AB putty ,brown stuff and sprue. I used the blue stuff from Green stuff world to create the copies.I find this versatile reusable material very useful.

Sometimes one makes models that one is very satisfied with & I like these very much.
The overall shape isn't too complicated, so it can be easily replicated.

3's being short & stocky are somewhat slow & ungainly mostly due to their short thick legs and muscular tail, which they use for balance. They can be very fast with their bite , however & have been known to snap food prey from the air. 
They're omnivorous , some have coined them as gluttons and prefer cool , watery habitats like jungles , forests ,woods & water bound islands.
They're can be adaptable & can be found even on starships and cities, though they tend to keep this to a minimum. Having said this, they avoid deserts & the like , like the black plague.
They can tolerate terran like seawater but prefer fresh water . They absolutely love terran salted fish which they trade for at every opportunity with humans.

I made another 5... see below pics.

Here is the start of the 3rd lot. These are the press mould made out of 2 different types of rubber.
As you can see only the top part was moulded so you have repeatability and still have individual minis.

 Weapons & other stuff is superglued in place & hands sculpted on them. I use Milliput for bulk & brown stuff for detail , which I prefer to Green stuff.

Here they are ... another 5... so I have 16 in all

Finally all painted up....

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Very neat, they're really nice sculpts and you weapons made from pieces of sprue are outstanding.
    Can't wait to see them all painted up.

  2. Thanks for liking them, my friend.
    I personally think that they came out great , also 🙃
    Perhaps the beginnings of a couple of squads. Shouldn't be difficult to do bit by bit.
    The weapons are really easy to do. Just crimping,filing , cutting , really.
    I'll show you how if you want.


  3. Done Wouter.. see the next post.

    Hope you like it